Arbeidsmarkt InZicht

A storytelling dashboard for labourmarket professionals

When policy makers need information on unemployment numbers, education, vacancies or job trends, ETIL delivers. For many years they have delivered data on the labour market to local governments and other professionals.

But knowing the data is only the beginning. What do the numbers mean? Is the unemployment rate high or low compared to the benchmark? What is the trend, is it rising or falling? Are education and job requirements aligned? And the issues playing in one region, might be totally different in the next region.

ETIL came to us with a question: we have a dashboard, what could be the next step? Together, we developed a strategy. First, connect data to storytelling, then make it regional and personal to increase relevance. Based on this roadmap, we designed a new brand and platform: This platform connects data to articles and through it's regional versions brings relevant information to users.

With two provinces as a launching customer, the platform has now expanded to six provices and three regions, providing relevant input to labourmarket professionals in half of the country.


2018 - present


Digital designer


Branding, interface design, strategy, user experience research, data visualization

Team size


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